29.07.2023 – 20.08.23 Galerie Plan D. Showing the interactive audiosculpture.
31.05.2023 Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf live
April 2023, Konrad Kraft „Nifbin Circle“ is out on aufabwegen / Cologne – aatp090 / limited vinyl edition of 200 black and 100 cloured copies. 


03.07.2022 Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf live
24.06.2022 Bibabuze, Düsseldorf live
10.03.2022 A/B Bruxelles live
02.02.2022 New release on TAL Music:
Konrad Kraft – Accident In Heaven Vinyl


Konrad Kraft OBTAAL. 2x 12″ Vinyl with handmade art-cover.
Limited edition of 250 copies

14.08.2021 BiBaBuZe

11.06.2021 Ghost 3. Butho Soundart Festival at Weltkunstzimmer Duessledorf Ger

GHOST3 Butoh Soundart Performance-Parcours II


19.12.2020 Transfer – Drei Düsseldorfer LPs / Lieblingsplatte                 Zakk Düsseldorf. ! Livestrem: Link

02. + 03. 06. 2020 Fermata Ex ( Miu ) Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf – cancelled

23. 05.2020 Ghost 3. Butho Soundart Festival at Weltkunstzimmer Duessledorf Ger. – cancelled

17.04.2020 10 Years of LAMA-Music  Konrad Kraft _ interpretations from the last Vinyl-release OVAL with modular Synthesizer at BiBaBuZe, Duesseldorf Ger. – cancelled

02.04.2020 Triple Bill: Konrad Kraft, Miki Yui, Mapstation live at AB-Brussels/Salon – cancelled


November 30, Konrad Kraft „OVAL“ is out on aufabwegen / Cologne – aatp061 / limited edition of 300 copies in 180g-green vinyl

November 30, Konrad Kraft live with John Scott at Fragments/Gallery Grölle, Wuppertal-Ger.

October 13, Angermann/Kraft Duo (former known as Elektrofrühstück) at Weltkunstzimmer/Micropopweek, Duesseldorf Ger.

September 6 to 8,  Meakusma Festival – Eupen / Belgium

25. / 26. 06.2019 Malkasten Duesseldorf. Miu – „TAG H Ex“, Performance  / Installation

24.05.2019 Geräuschwelten-Festival Münster / Blackbox

22.02.2019 Konrad Kraft live at Stadtgarten Cologne / Studio672 “                       “  Neues Fleisch „


15.12.2018 Live at Worm / Rotterdam

05.12.2018 Arctica release concert at
Image Movement, Oranienburger Str. 18,  10178 Berlin

29.11 – 30.11.2018 Weltmusikzimmer Duesseldorf
Miu – Empty Ballons Society Ex.

22.09.2018 – Releaseconcert Konrad Kraft -ARCTICA ( TAL Music ) at
Yoda, Streesemannstr. 28, 40210 Duesseldorf

05.07.2018 – Kraft-Langebach Duo, live at
Wallfahrtsdom Neviges, Elberfelder Str. 12, 42553 Velbert

16.06.2018 – Kraft-Langenbach Duo, live at
HBK Essen, Prinz-Friedrich-Straße 28A, 45257 Essen

May  – website is not longer available!

March – Elektrofrühstück „Algorithm“ first release on Paraschall
Kai Angermann and Konrad Kraft


12.12.2017 – Konrad Kraft  performing live at
Filmwerkstatt Duesseldorf/ Germany together with Oyuki Conjugate
DJ’s: Toulouse Lowtrax and Zipo ( aufabwegen )

31.10.2017 Detlef Funder performing as Konrad Kraft a short live-set with modular synthesizer, live at
Galerie Splettstoesser,
41564 Kaarst – Germany

IEM podcast by Dmitry Vasilyev ( Monochrome Vision )

Feb – 2017Konrad Kraft „F“ and Frigorex „The Beginning“
( Dino Oon&Konrad Kraft ) on Bureau B compilation
„Sammlung – Elektronische Kassettenmusik Duesseldorf 1982-1989“
Vinyl 12″, CD, MC


03.11.2016 Konrad Kraft performing live at
digitale-festival Duesseldorf

Konrad Kraft “ QUADRAT “ ( 12″ Vinyl ) is out now
on aufabwegen/Cologne. aatp051

21.09.2016 Elektrofrühstück live at

June-2016, New track on aufabwegen compilation:
NOW — Various: aufabwegen50. ausgewählte geräusche 2xCD
2to mark the label’s 20th anniversary aufabwegen has released a double CD compilation giving a personal view on the state of affairs in german noise music. the collection features 20 unreleased or rare tracks by AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF, ARS MORIENDI, MARC BEHRENS, FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER, GREGORY BÜTTNER, COLUMN ONE, CORE, CRANIOCLAST, EVAPORI, FETISCH PARK, LIMPE FUCHS, CHRISTOPH HEEMANN, HITHLAHABUTH, KALLABRIS, THOMAS KÖNER, KONTAKTA, KONRAD KRAFT, licht-ung, MAEROR TRI, MØHR, N(33), RLW, SCHACHTANLAGE GEGENORT, DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE, ASMUS TIETCHENS, DIE TÖDLICHE DORIS, WERKBUND, ACHIM WOLLSCHEID, XYRAMAT. Plus 82pp booklet in german and english featuring liner notes and essays on the subject. The CD is released in the “edition elektronik” series of Deutscher Musikrat.

21.04.2016 Elektrofrühstück
– Konrad Kraft & Kai Angermann- live at
Brause Vereinsheim, Bilker Allee 233 Duesseldorf / Germany

New album “ QUADRAT “ is comming in
2016 on aufabwegen – Cologne


Soundcloud follow@Konrad Kraft


new feature from Emmanuel Mir on perishphere blog


July 2013
„The Media At The Moment Of Its Disappearance“
watch video on youtube


During an exhibition opening at conniebluem.galerie – Essen/Germany

During an exhibition opening at TAW-Wuppertal

07. 07.2012
Wort- und Klangkunstfestival at
BBK Kunstforum
Audiosculptures live


New CD release on „aufabwegen“ – Cologne, aatp33
Konrad Kraft – Temporary Audiosculptures and Artefacts

CD – info
Trying to set musical events in a sculptural form, the Düsseldorf/Wuppertal based artist and musician Detlef Funder (a.k.a. Konrad Kraft), develops the temporary audio-sculpture. Knowing that a tonal event can never take the materiality of a real sculpture, Konrad Kraft attempts this special transformation with the help of various elements. Human imaginativeness, time, as well as the tonal event itself are the elements for the listener to form an individual audio-sculpture and to let it develop in their heads. The audio-sculpture with its acoustic body, around which various tonal/sound elements and events float, appears with a physical structure, a dimensionality. Tonal/sound elements are of various origins. In part elicited from nature, or being conjured up synthetically, or just being put together randomly, all elements are enhanced and altered sometimes significantly to the point that the character has changed completely and can hardly be identified. The term ‘artefact’ relates to the fact that sound fragments, through the synthetic alteration, are broken-up and only exist and appear as particles. They flow as ‘artefacts’ in the tonal range.

Live 2011

13.11.2011 Stadtgarten Köln – Studio 672
Konrad Kraft, Nocturnal Emissions (UK) and Mohammad (Greece)

09.10.2011 – 19:00 Uhr (Audioskulpturen) FKT-Bochum (Masala)

09.07.2011:Geraeuschwelten #60:
If, Bwana, Konrad Kraft, Ahnst Anders live at cuba-cultur/blackbox, Muenster