Para002 – Konrad Kraft – OBTAAL (250) lim. double Vinyl, special edition with handmade cover, 2021-22

aufabwegen cologne:

aatp090 – Konrad Kraft – Nifbin Circle. Lim ed. of 300 copies. ( 200 black and 100 in colored vinyl )
aatp061 – Konrad Kraft – oval / (300) lim. green 12″ Vinyl, 2019
aatp051 – Konrad Kraft – quadrat / (300) lim. 12″ Vinyl, 2016
aatp050 – Various – aufabwegen50. ausgewählte geräusche/compilation track
aatp033 – Konrad Kraft – temporary audiosculptures and artefacts/solo album CD, 2011

TAL08 – re-release Konrad Kraft – Arctica / lim.12″ Vinyl and CD, 2018


Arctica (Cass) SDV Tonträger
Accident In Heaven (Cass) SDV Tonträger
Acid Shock (Cass) SDV Tonträger
Dino Oon & Konrad Kraft – Sieben Tage und Nächte SDV Tonträger
Dino Oon & Konrad Kraft – Environmental Studies (CD) SDV Tonträger 1992
Alien Atmospheres (CD) Elektrosmog 1996
OBTAAL – previously unreleased

Remixes:?Solar: A Music Travelogue Volume 1 (CD) Shiva Descending Soleilmoon Recordings 1997
Mix:Statophony / Galaktagogum (7″) Galaktagogum (Remix) Music To Turn To 1990

Appears on:
New Forms Of Entertainment Vol. I – Cybernoise (CD) VUZ Records 1993
Songs From Neuropa (CD) Discordia 1993
Twilight Earth –
International Soirée (CD) The Garden Of Friction II (Oon/Kraft) Timebase 1994
Songs From Neuropa (CD) Athanor 1998

Tracks Appear On:
Phase Pervers Kompilation (Cass) Who’s No. 6 Turnabout Tapes
Spiritual (Cass) KRBK Soundimage
The First Strike (Cass) Fließende Welt, (Exce… Turnabout Tapes
Second Strike (LP) Don’t Walk On The 5th … Turnabout Tapes 1988
Stimme Des Volkes (LP) Auf Der Flucht SDV Tonträger 1990
Mouth Can’t Spell (LP) Crosspoint Zero Pigture Disc 1991
New Forms Of Entertainment Vol. I – Cybernoise (CD) Untitled VUZ Records 1993
Twilight Earth – International Soirée (CD) The Garden Of Friction II Timebase 1994



Vector Transformation (12″) Trigger 1992
Cosmic Trigger Double Feature Vol. 1 (12″) Trigger 1993
Inkia 12“ Rhinebeat 1993
Trescore / Delta Rain Dream (12″) Fragile Records 1993
The Blopp (12″) Pyramyd 1994
Weird Egg / Grapefruit (12″) 3rd Ear 1996

Appears On:

Score (CD) Kay Sea Isle Aurinko Records 1998?
Serial Killaz (CD + CD) Professor Hastig Atomic Records 2000
Catcher (2xCD, Ltd, Dig) Total Recall, Donuts Equinox 2001

Tracks Appear On:

Chapter One – A Progressive Hardhouse Compilation (CD)
Vison One Solid Pleasure Continental
Frankfurt Tanzt (CD) Mind Transparent Uptown
Excerpts Of Sound Of Frankfurt Vol. 1 (12″, Promo)
Trescore #1 Trigger 1992?Acid Is The Only Drug (CD) Trigger 1993
Cosmic Trigger (CD) Discomonotronic Trigger 1993
Electronic Dance Experience Vol 1 (CD) Ba-La-Ba Pyramyd 1993?
Gaia 3 + 4 (2xCD) Trescore V.4/2 Gaia Tonträger 1993?
Pod Versus Trigger – Battle Of The Labels (CD) VCB, Discomonotronix Trigger 1993
Sound Of Frankfurt Volume 1 (CD) Trescore Trigger 1993
Sound Of Frankfurt Volume 3 (CD) The Blopp Trigger 1993
Chaos Magick (CD) Trescore Trigger 1994
Tekkno Zone (CD) The Blopp Music & Sound 1994
Techtronics Vol. II (CD) S.E.R.T. Uptown 1995
Electric City Düsseldorf (CD) On Air Ata Tak 1996
Behind The Scenes (2xLP) Sextant Atomic Records 2001

Discographie D-FUNDATION


Parliumbe (12″) Naja 2001
Suspicious Technology (CD) Pro.Tone Recordings
2002Remixes:?End Of The Line (4xCD + Box, Ltd) Moving Hands Dependent Records 2001?Beloved.2 (CD, Maxi) Beloved (Tim Schuldt F… Dependent Records 2002?Euphoric & Demonic (CD, Album + CD, Ltd, Dig) Isolation Comes 2004
Beloved.2 Beloved (Tim Schuldt F… Metropolis 2006
Tracks Appear On:?Floor (2xLP) Chiccadilly Circus MIDIJUM Records 2000?
Floor (CD) Chiccadilly Circus MIDIJUM Records 2000?
Goa-Head Vol. 11 (2xCD, Dig) Chicadilly Circus Leguan 2000?
Catcher (2xLP) Quantum Glow Aurinko Records 2001
Catcher (2xCD, Ltd, Dig) Quantum Glow Equinox 2001?
Catcher (CD) Quantum Glow Aurinko Records 2001
Pulse 11 – The 11th Commandment (2xCD) Topramen GTN (Global Trance Network) 2001
Underground Progressive Trance Vol. 2 (CD) Parliumbe Liquid Audio Soundz 2001
Planet-Goa Vol. V (2xCD) Wormhole Pro.Tone Recordings 2002
Pulse 12 – The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac (2xCD) Strange Quark GTN 2002

Discographie FOUR CARRY NUTS


Weird Egg / Grapefruit (12″) 3rd Ear 1996
Cychedelic Punk E.P. (12″, EP, W/Lbl, Promo) Aurinko Records 1997
Cychedelic Punk EP (12″, EP) Aurinko Records 1997
Bausubstanz (12″) Aurinko Records 2000
Lucy (Male) / Bunker (12″) Aurinko Records 2000?Lucy (Male) / Bunker (12″, Promo) Aurinko Records 2000
Mechanical Age (CD, Album) Aurinko Records 2004


Floor (CD) Monsters (Four Carry N… MIDIJUM Records 2000

Tracks Appear On:

High Times – Deep Psychedelic Diving (2xCD, Dig) Donuts ID&T Music Germany 1997
Holy Mushroom (2xCD) Nuts Without Sugar, We… High Society (3) 1997
Holy Mushroom (Special DJ Edition) (2xLP) Nuts Without Sugar High Society (3) 1997
Pulse 4 – The 4th Dimension (2xCD, Dig) Weird Egg Sub Terranean 1997?
Survival Of The Trippest Part II (2xCD) Grapefruit Dope Media 1997
The Prophets Of Psychedelic Trance – The Second Pilgrimage (CD) Weird Egg Trance Medusa Records 1997
Cosmic Flight – Germany’s Psychedelic Trance Vol 1 (2xCD) Donuts Cameleon, Nova Tekk 1998
Gaia Vol. 1 – The Rebirth (2xCD) Donuts Tunnel Records 1998
Pulse 6 – The Next Generation (2xCD, Dig) Donuts Sub Terranean 1998
Score (CD) Kay Sea Isle Aurinko Records 1998?
Tantrance 6 – A Trip To Psychedelic Trance (2xCD, Dig) Total Recall Sub Terranean 1998 ?Travelling V (2xCD) Donuts Visionary 1998
Goa-Visions Psychedelic Trance Vol. 1 (2xCD, Dig) Kay Sea Isle ZYX Music 1999?
Hovek Olam (CD) Donuts Hovek Olam 1999
Vibration One (2xLP) Lucy (Female Mix) Nova Tekk 1999
?Vibration One (CD) Lucy (Female Mix) Nova Tekk 1999
Serial Killaz (CD) Professor Hastig, Prof… Atomic Records 2000
Tantrance 9 – A Trip To Psychedelic Trance (2xCD, Dig) Lucy (Female Mix) GTN 2000
Behind The Scenes (2xLP) Faithhealer (Halogen R… Atomic Records 2001
Lucy (Male) Aurinko Records 2001
Catcher (2xCD, Ltd, Dig) Lucy (Male), Bunker, T… Equinox 2001
Catcher (CD) Lucy (Male) Aurinko Records 2001
Eternity Vol. 1 (2xCD + Box) Donuts GTN (Global Trance Network) 2001
Goa-Head Vol. 15 (2xCD, Dig) Faithealer (Halogen Re… Leguan 2001
Humus Conspiracy II (CD) Lucy (Male) BNE – Brand New Entertainment 2001
Password Is Love (CD, Dig) The Violet Ray XIII BIS Records 2001
Goa Volume 9 (2xCD) Pendulum Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2004
Open Air – Season 2004 (2xCD) Red Shift Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2004
SoulSeeker 1 (CD)Pendulum (Beat Brother… MIDIJUM Records 2004
Cosmophilia Volume 3 (2xCD) Mechanical Age Cosmophilia 2005?
Goa 2005 Vol. 1 (2xCD, Dig) Pendulum (Beat Brother… Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2005
Goa Sound System Vol. 5 (2xCD) Pendulum (Mandylion Re… Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2005
Goa-Head Vol. 20 (2xCD, Dig) Theory Of Gravitation Leguan 2005
Imagi:Nations Part 2 – Day (CD) Convergence (Raja Ram … TIP.World 2005
Psychedelic High (CD) Mechanical Age (Dino P…Chemical Crew 2005
?Psychedelic High (CD + CD) Mechanical Age (Dino P… Farm Records 2005
Sons Of Goa – Best In Goa Trance & Psychedelic Sounds Vol. 2 (2xCD) Pendulum (Beat Brother… Quadrophon 2005
SoulSeeker 2 (CD) Pendulum (Mandylion Re… MIDIJUM Records 2005?
Urban Awakening (CD) Ritter Records (2) 2005?Domino Effect (CD) Beatnik Wakyo Records2006